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Amazon Prime Video Enables Subscribers Facing Lockdown to Organize Watch Parties

 In a time when the economy of the country has come to a halting grind because of Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon Prime Video has introduced a feature which allows subscribers to arrange Twitch watch parties. With a vast majority of the population being asked to stay indoors because of a lockdown, this is a novel way to keep people entertained together. If you do not know how to use this feature, you can call Amazon Prime Video and learn how to organize Twitch watch parties with your friends. At the moment, this facility is available only to the subscribers of Amazon Prime Video in the U.S.

 Twitch is now a subsidiary of Amazon. It has introduced a feature that allows users to watch and share Amazon content with their friends on internet. It is called Watch Parties and it has become popular among the subscribers instantly. If you are a Twitch user, you can now use this feature to stream your favorite movie or TV show on your channel. Any of your friends having subscription of Amazon Prime Video can watch this movie or show at the same time once you inform them about timing. 

Amazon has said that this feature was in the state of beta testing since October 2019. But now that a large section of the population has been forced to stay indoors, it has decided to extend the feature to all Twitch streamers across the country. People calling at Amazon Prime Video customer care number are being told that right now this facility has been provided to verified Twitch streamers. However, it will be extended to all Twitch users who have Amazon Prime membership. 

There are some terms and conditions attached to this feature called Watch Parties. You cannot share all movies and TV show available on Amazon Prime Video with your friends. Only a small number of the movies and the programs in your library are supported by the company for these watch parties. You would be happy to know that this list includes the very popular Star Trek series, Captain America, and The Avengers. Some of the Amazon Originals are also included in this list. Yes, there is also the very popular series Baywatch in this list. This means this lockdown period can be a wonderful time to revive memories of old time together with your friends while watching Pamela Anderson in this fantastic series. If you loved watching Amazon Originals like The Expanse and The Boys with your friends earlier, now is the time to turn the clock back and share joy and sorrow by watching these shows once again. 

Amazon is not the only streaming service allowing this feature to share content with friends. Netflix has also enabled its users to watch content together through a feature called Netflix Party. 
Do not sulk alone inside your home. Just call Amazon Prime Video toll free number 1-877-916-7666 today to start organizing Watch Parties to share the content with your friends. You will cherish these memories for a long time after the lockdown is removed.


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